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Enjoy your views of Cambridge

Cambridge Window Replacement and Repair

Serving the Eastern Shore Windows and Doors -- since 1994!

- High Quality
- Kind Service
- No Pressure
- Low Prices

Cambridge Window replacement services you can rely on.

At Eastern Shore Window & Door, security is our top priority. We firmly believe that anyone should be able to live, breathe, sleep, work in their home or work environment without having to even think about their safety and doubt if their windows can protect them against threats such as: Rain, hail, snow, high winds and debris they might carry such as trash, small gravel pieces, the list goes on. Robbers, break-ins, wild animals, thrown objects such as balls, toys and such. You should not worry about all these, and we will help you keep your peace of mind against all of those with our Cambridge window installation services.

Our team of experts in Cambridge can help you pick from our vast selection of windows, with the features and priorities you specify, and no compromises, no pressure during the whole process.

With the energy prices soaring to all-time highs, we know that a quality window will save you money on heating and cooling your home or business, and will start doing so right as you install it. Our windows are Energy Star® certified and perform even better that certification requirements to keep what's warm, warm, and what's cool, even cooler. Apart from thermal insulation against the increasingly unpredictable weather patterns caused by climate change, we also offer industry-leading sound insulation and sound proofing. Whether you live in a noisy or more tame part of town, we believe that an adequate sound proofing installation can save you a lot of sleep and ensure that you and your family remain undisturbed throughout the day from small or big nuances of every day life. Having a quiet home can help you keep your stress levels low, increase your productivity, improve your sleep quality and help you remain concentrated on critical subjects for longer.

We do not employ sub-contractors in any step of the production and fitting process. Our fantastic team of highly skilled craftsmen and installers gets everything done in-house. Our specialized team members have a keen eye for detail and years of experience installing all kinds and styles of windows and window applications. We always care about our team, we care about our customer satisfaction, we care about the community, and we care about the finest of details.

We are here to work with you. When it comes to windows, some companies overly push the customer to an unnecessarily expensive solution for a simple problem that needs to be worked on. We are different. We work on a relaxed, work as we go approach, and will never pressure any customer, be it corporate business owner or the every day home owner about the payment dates and options. We are always available to discuss with you financing options depending on your abilities, and your choice. We know how it can be a hassle to work through all the details regarding the refinancing options of a window installation, and we are available anytime to figure out what works best for you.

We are 100% dedicated to providing our clients with a quality service!

Contact us to discuss your window needs in Cambridge, MD!

Premium Window Features

Services for Windows in Ocean City MD and Nearby

Satisfied Customers

"We replaced 23 windows. The company was patient as we worked through refinancing to pay for the job. The representative and installers were very friendly and diligent. Their prices were better than other major big box or window selling companies. Our home is 100 years old and the difference in noise and energy efficiency is remarkable. I recommend this company without reservation."

Greg H.

"Crew showed up on time, well prepared, minimal interruption to our work-from-home situation.


The double tilt in, low-e windows look nice and function well. Crew did a great job installing, and cleaning up afterwards. I would definitely work with them again!"

Regina S.

"After being disenchanted by the high-pressure sales tactics of some of the well-known window companies in the area, I called Eastern Shore Window and Door and spoke to Joe, the owner. I am very happy I made the call. The price per window was much better than expected, especially considering the outstanding quality windows they have custom made."

William B.

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