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Reliable & Efficient Windows in Rehoboth Beach

Serving the Eastern Shore Windows and Doors -- since 1994!

- High Quality
- Kind Service
- No Pressure
- Low Prices

Need window replacement in Rehoboth Beach, DE?

We always meet and exceed client expectations. And so do our windows. With our industry leading Energy Star® certified, insulated glass and window frames, we ensure you can keep your loved ones, family, friends and coworkers warm and safe. The Energy Star® certification is met or even exceeded in a lot of our products, enabling you to conserve money when it comes to heating and cooling bills.


Energy can be expensive, and in our hard times, it is getting even more unaffordable as time goes by. This is why you should look for no less than energy efficient, energy saving frames and windows. A small investment now might go a long way, if you add up all the energy savings in the life time of your new windows and frames - usually a very long time.


Speaking of a very long time, all our windows come with a life time guarantee which covers, but is not limited to: Defects, installation and even accidents. Accidents happen, we are all human, and it is part of our daily life. We have you covered, so you remain calm, even if trouble nocks on your door or window, a little prematurely.

Windows in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, can be a challenge for many home owners in the region. During the winter months, episodes of extreme cold can often occur, but also the summer can be exceptionally hot, needing a good quality window and installation. Eastern Shore Window and Door can work on the best window installation or replacement in Rehoboth Beach, DE, at a very affordable price, and at a moment's notice.


We only work with the best, so that we can provide industry leading results. Our specialized and experienced team of craftsmen ensure that accurate measurements are taken from their measuring tape straight to the factory. Therefore, we can rely on those and install perfectly fitting windows and frames, which provide you with the best energy savings and noise insulation, without the need for ugly adjustments and silicone foam fixes to cover up mistakes during measuring or manufacturing.

Hassle Free Windows in Rehoboth Beach, DE

Secure frames and windows are paramount when it comes to a customer's choice, and we know that! Our windows feature multiple layers of security to ensure peace of mind in your sleep, when you're awake, or when you or your loved ones are away.


Our windows include tight reinforced locks, latches for open windows and reinforced frames. Those will give a hard time to any would be robber that might attempt to enter your home or business uninvited.

We at Eastern Shore Window and Door feature a no hassle policy. Meaning that, when it comes to financing your next window installation, we can be flexible and work with you in every step of the process to ensure you get the best deals possible, and at the same time, secure a refinancing plan that works for you.


You can use our Free Estimation services to get an idea of what the whole project would cost, and work out a financing plan together. We are always available for our community, all you have to do is ask.

We are 100% dedicated to providing our clients with a quality service!

Contact us to discuss your window needs in Rehoboth Beach!

Premium Window Features

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Satisfied Customers

"We replaced 23 windows. The company was patient as we worked through refinancing to pay for the job. The representative and installers were very friendly and diligent. Their prices were better than other major big box or window selling companies. Our home is 100 years old and the difference in noise and energy efficiency is remarkable. I recommend this company without reservation."

Greg H.

"Crew showed up on time, well prepared, minimal interruption to our work-from-home situation.


The double tilt in, low-e windows look nice and function well. Crew did a great job installing, and cleaning up afterwards. I would definitely work with them again!"

Regina S.

"After being disenchanted by the high-pressure sales tactics of some of the well-known window companies in the area, I called Eastern Shore Window and Door and spoke to Joe, the owner. I am very happy I made the call. The price per window was much better than expected, especially considering the outstanding quality windows they have custom made."

William B.

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