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Enjoy your views of Salisbury

Residential and Commercial Windows in Salisbury MD

Serving the Eastern Shore Windows and Doors -- since 1994!

- High Quality
- Kind Service
- No Pressure
- Low Prices

Repair and Replacement Windows in Salisbury​, MD

Here at Eastern Shore Window and Door, we keep the quality at an industry leading level, yet our prices at the most affordable and competitive of the market. How is that possible?


We employ only the best, most experienced, craftsmen that give utmost attention to detail and ensure that all the measurements for your window and frame fittings are correct the first time. No adjustments and overuse of aesthetically insulting fillers and silicone. Every single measurement plan goes directly to the factory, and from there straight to your door.


The factories we work with are the very best of the region and work with tiny margins and perfect detail to ensure the very best fitting, and at the same time most durable, quality frames and windows.

Salisbury, being the largest city on the Maryland State eastern shore, boasts for its' high quality windows, and we take great pride in knowing that Eastern Shore Window and Door has contributed to that. Our windows in Salisbury, MD come from reputable suppliers, and are installed by the most experienced craftsmen. We can also work with replacement windows in Salisbury with great energy efficiency and sound insulation capabilities that meet or exceed standards.


When it comes to energy efficiency, all of our frames and windows meet or exceed Energy Star® requirements, and are certified as such. Their quality is verified by independent experts and agencies, and provide excellent sound and temperature insulation for all application scenarios. That way, you can save time and money on your windows.


A leaking window can cost so much in the long run in parasitic losses, that it is just not worth it to keep it like that. Even worse, badly fitted or low quality frames and windows usually feature very low energy efficiency standards, and cost the owners thousands in heating and cooling, most of the times without them even knowing.


We can change that with out industry leading, Energy Star® certified windows, which will save you money in the long run by lowering your heating and cooling bills every time you turn on your heating or cooling unit. This kind of application is the most passive way you can save money at your home or business, and a lot of customers are still unaware of the massive potential savings they can have with good quality windows and frames.

Windows and Doors in Salisbury, MD

We at Eastern Shore Window and Door take great care in our local community, and therefore the environment. We strive to ensure we reduce, reuse and recycle wherever possible, in every step of the production process of our products. We attempt to reduce our carbon impact, and work with partners who feel the same way as we do.


We believe that we owe the next generation a cleaner, more sustainable way of work, and this also extends to our windows. Energy saving windows help reduce the carbon emitted for energy production needs, therefore helping the environment and the local ecosystems.


We use production processes that rely less on energy intensive processes as much as possible, and continuously refine our window fitting techniques to further reduce our environmental impact, including CO2 emissions, meeting and exceeding local environmental regulations and recommendations.

We are 100% dedicated to providing our clients with a quality service!

Contact us to discuss your window needs in Salisbury, MD!

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Satisfied Customers

"We replaced 23 windows. The company was patient as we worked through refinancing to pay for the job. The representative and installers were very friendly and diligent. Their prices were better than other major big box or window selling companies. Our home is 100 years old and the difference in noise and energy efficiency is remarkable. I recommend this company without reservation."

Greg H.

"Crew showed up on time, well prepared, minimal interruption to our work-from-home situation.


The double tilt in, low-e windows look nice and function well. Crew did a great job installing, and cleaning up afterwards. I would definitely work with them again!"

Regina S.

"After being disenchanted by the high-pressure sales tactics of some of the well-known window companies in the area, I called Eastern Shore Window and Door and spoke to Joe, the owner. I am very happy I made the call. The price per window was much better than expected, especially considering the outstanding quality windows they have custom made."

William B.

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