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Enjoy your views of Annapolis

Beautiful Doors and Windows in Annapolis MD

Serving the Annapolis Windows and Doors -- since 1994!

- High Quality
- Kind Service
- No Pressure
- Low Prices

Get premium home and commercial windows in Annapolis MD.

Eastern Shore Window & Door is the perfect place to shop for high quality doors and windows. We provide premier installation and repair services, and we have been in business since 1994, so we are experienced and professional in every step of the process.

We have completed a variety of standard and specialized projects throughout the years, with professionalism and high quality in mind.


Sometimes, life just happens. Hailstorms, kids playing a little too recklessly outside, a clumsy pet, or more malicious acts such as vandalization and break-ins. Eastern Shore Window and Door can fix and replace any and all window installations with pinpoint accuracy and windows tailored to your specific needs. We offer top security installations featuring multiple layers of security for ease of mind against any future would-be robber, or basket ball that may try to break into your home.

Due to its proximity to the Atlantic Coast, Annapolis can often see a higher than average precipitation, and this is where our top of the line windows come in. Our windows in Annapolis, MD, combined with our skilled craftsmen can ensure than you will never have to worry about potential leaks, ruining your day or even house equipment and furniture. With our windows in Annapolis, you can always feel safe against any amount of rain, from a light drizzle to a tornado-like torrential rain event.


We can adapt our designs, styles, equipment and windows to any size and specialized application the client and needs dictate. We take utmost care in our measurements for life-long protection against rain, cold or extreme heat, winds, and the sun's rays. We can provide multiple styles of frames that fit your aesthetic feeling and look you are looking for your home or property, to ensure the maximum integration with the rest of your styling and mood of your property. 


Our belief is that a customer must never be pressured in any way, as it usually goes in the industry. We offer a more relaxed, work as you go work thinking, which makes us stand out. We know that times can be tough, and an emergency window repair bill is something most of us want to avoid.

We offer the best prices in the area for our customers and our community, which offers a sustainable way of business for us as a company, but most importantly, for you, the consumer.


We also offer a wide variety of repair and modification services and products competitive prices. The future is important for us. Therefore, we invest in sustainable material resources and suppliers that comply with the most stringent environmental regulations, in order to protect our community, wildlife and the very air we breathe. We at Eastern Shore Window and Door take great pride in incorporating strategies and routines that help reduce our emission footprint and provide ecological solutions to solve or mitigate the complex problem of pollution.


We base our line of work on eco-friendly applications and emission reduction technologies, bolstering a more sustainable way of life, and at the same time helping the environment and the local communities strive and evolve to a more ecological business model.

We are 100% dedicated to providing our clients with a quality service!

Contact us to discuss all your window needs in Annapolis MD!

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Satisfied Customers

"We replaced 23 windows. The company was patient as we worked through refinancing to pay for the job. The representative and installers were very friendly and diligent. Their prices were better than other major big box or window selling companies. Our home is 100 years old and the difference in noise and energy efficiency is remarkable. I recommend this company without reservation."

Greg H.

"Crew showed up on time, well prepared, minimal interruption to our work-from-home situation.


The double tilt in, low-e windows look nice and function well. Crew did a great job installing, and cleaning up afterwards. I would definitely work with them again!"

Regina S.

"After being disenchanted by the high-pressure sales tactics of some of the well-known window companies in the area, I called Eastern Shore Window and Door and spoke to Joe, the owner. I am very happy I made the call. The price per window was much better than expected, especially considering the outstanding quality windows they have custom made."

William B.

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